The band is steeped in the bluesy, country rock, Tex Mex  western swing and rockabilly style that has never gone away, and will always be popular with crowds looking for a great time! 

Definitely an Americana edge too! How about The Fabulous Thunderbirds? Los Lobos? Texas Tornados? The Mavericks? 

All fantastic songwriters and performers that the Hornets take their influences from.

Good music, played well, will always have an audience, and The Buzzin Hornets have the 'years on the road' experience to make sure that each gig is a memorable one!

Some of the songs we play.....they may not all be instantly recognisable....but you will hear them and think, WOW, I know how that goes, I remember that one!


Ed is the founder of the band, and was the driving force behind the original F1 rockers, The Pitstop Boogie Boys, which evolved into the Buzzin Hornets back in the '90's with Eddie Jordan.

Known as 'Rocksteddie', Ed is a straight ahead, no frills drummer, who has been in and around the Midlands scene for many years. Bands such as The Quik, The GT's, The Little Band, T Ford and the Sunkings, Guilty Party, Zoo Q have all seen Ed on the drum stool. He has also depped for many bands such as The Steve Gibbons Band, Trevor Burton Band, Rebecca Downes, The Delray Rockets, The Straight Aces, Maz Mitrenko Band. A good, reliable player, and an enthusiastic organiser!!


Chris is the epitome of a professional blues musician, Playing with Tommy Allen, Steve ‘Big Man’ Clayton and from time to time on the road backing top US bluesmen Tommy McCoy, Paul Byrd, Jimmy Griswold and Big George Brock. He is also a regular choice bassman with The Mighty Houserockers and The Bushbury’s.

Previously he fronted Memphis in the Meantime with Mark Shaw, and he is also well known on the blues circuit as the bass player with Ian Parker,  Mumbo Jumbo and other groups too numerous to mention.


Rob is a very fine guitarist, with a great voice as well. Another stalwart of many Midlands bands, including The Montana's, Rio. and an extended stint in Alvin Stardusts band, Rob has a lovely fluid style, going back to the blues, country, swing rock, soul....Rob really adds a touch of easy going class to any genre of music.......and he also gets to play with decent singers occasionally....check out the pic above!!


Phil is our keys player. A maestro on piano, his ranging voice and squeezebox playing both really add to the Hornets sound. Phil has played with everyone in Birmingham and is a confirmed professional muso of may years standing. He’s played with a lot of people some of whom are famous but he doesn’t want to sound like a  ”Flash ‘Arry” so he won’t tell us who they are. Phil also tours every year with Steve Gibbons in his Dylan Project, with members of Fairport Convention.

Don't forget to check out our GALLERY for loads more photos and INFORMATION about the origins of the band.

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